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Mulch – ALC Inc.

Mulch can add a very crisp and clean look to your landscape without costing a ton of money. Our mulch is formulated to be non-toxic to children, plants and animals. We have both have dyed mulch and hardwood mulch. We serve individuals to municipalities with large quantities of mulch and topsoil for pick-up or delivery.

When you choose colored mulch, you are choosing to increase your plants health and growth. This also helps to prevent weed growth and aids the soil in retaining moisture. Buy your mulch in bulk from us for less!

How much mulch should you buy?

Depth       Square Foot Coverage                                              

  • 1 inch                       324 square feet

  • 2 inch                       162 square feet

  • 3 inch                       108 square feet

  • 4 inch                          81 square feet